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arevirarevir Posts: 7
edited January 2013 in MTB buying advice
Hi I want to buy my first good bike but dont know where to start

Airborne Hobglobin XO ... in-x0.aspx
the airborne only seem to need better brakes, swap them for shimanos XT.
Brakes - XT $260 ice tech rotors

Motobecane Fantom XTR ... _xtr30.htm
Fantom needs crank and Brakes, I will upgrade those to shimano XT
crank - shimano XT $296
Brakes - XT $260 with ice tech rotors

Trek Rumblefish Elite ... fish_elite
This one is mostly SLX

Giant Anthem X29 1 ... ifications
also mostly SLX arguable less value than the rumblefish if this one dont come with 142x12 rear axle and less quality brakes
Brakes - XT $260 ice tech rotor

so shimano SLX feels like XT?
what about the suspension on those design and shocks/forks.
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