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Locking point with lock included?

DesB3rdDesB3rd Posts: 285
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It struck me that none of the locking points (Cyclehoops on signposts, Sheffield stands etc) in common circulation come equipped with a locking system included - has anyone come across one that incorporates a length of chain, a pull-out hawser or similar?

If not, and assuming that we're talking about something robust (say a Sheffield with ~1m of 10mm case-hard hanging from each side), would this be useful?


  • Do we bring our own padlock or run the risk that an enterprising scrote hasn't figured out that they can get duplicate keys made and remove any bike they fancy at their leisure without a hint of wrongdoing to passers by?

    Do you want to make a 10-20 mile ride into town only to find all of the chains are used and you've no way of securing your bike?

    How many chains per stand are you thinking? it is possible to get more than 1 bike per stand / side.

    Will the stands be convenient for where we want to go, or will we still have to carry a lock on the offchance that our required destination doesn't have pre chained parking?

    Often cycle visits have multi stops or you'll make a cross town journey, that you'd walk if in a car, on the bike for that little extra speed, so you'd probably be better carrying your own lock anyway.

    How would you legislate against the joker, or criminal, that chooses to use their own lock on a chain around your bike immobilisiong it from you, either because they can or to come back when it is quiet and remove your lock and steal the bike?

    personally I wouldn't take the chance on it or a stand with such a chain that could be misused on my kit.
  • I think there is something in this idea. I once saw a cycle rack that enclosed the front wheel in a way that meant it couldn't be taken off once you'd locked the back wheel: a simple way of ensuring that people don't need a secondary lock. We definitely need more innovation given horrendous rates of theft in big cities.
  • The bike stands at Decathlon shops have a thick cable you can rove through wheels and frame and lock with your own padlock. Agree that more of these would make bike security easier, just having to carry a decent padlock with you.
  • I never have, and never will, trust a locking mechanism that is provided by someone else on the middle of the street. This is the reason if I bring the bike out with plans for stops I deal with having my own d-lock.
  • DesB3rdDesB3rd Posts: 285
    My thoughts ran along just the chain/cable with loop - bring your own lock - if you're not inclined to a frame mount or a backpack then a padlock is a lot less load.

    Obviously such a system wouldn't be for everyone, I'd envisaged a city center where the local authority had widely fitted such a system, on that 9/10th day that there's no lock available on your patch there's almost certainly one on the next street over. A bit like parking your car - you can't always find a space where you want one, but you can always find one.
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