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Which Conti tyre for the Alps

gregwarigregwari Posts: 230
edited January 2013 in MTB buying advice
Can't decide on what to stick up front..... going to move my Conti rubber queen 2.2 (black chilli) from the front to the back for the trip out. For the front, it's a toss up between the 2.4 rubber qn and the 2.3 baron. I'll be riding a 140mm trail bike rather than a full on DH rig.
Any views??


  • sofaboy73sofaboy73 Posts: 574
    get thicker 2 ply tyres & thick tubes if you're purely doing uplift / lift assisted.

    weight won't make any difference, howevere you will spend far less, dare i say it, no time fixing punctures. I ride RQ's and love them, but i'm pretty sure i'd spend a significant time of my week away fixing puntires if using them in the alps
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