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lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
edited January 2013 in Road general
A quick mention for Andrew at for excellent service.

I somewhat hamfistedly bent the mech on my Izoard. A quick google came up with his site and lots of positive recommendations etc. Having looked, he was just down the road from where I live. So I sent him an email saying "rather than post can we sort something out". He dropped the new hangar into the LBS, I collected it. All good.

Except that some fuckwit, and I suspect that might have been me, didn't mention which Izoard so it turned out that the hanger was the wrong one! D'oh! Never mind. Not only does Andrew have the right one, but he's willing to do another speedy drop to the LBS to sort me out of the hole that I've dug myself! Top bloke.
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