Chainset upgrade - Tiagra to Ultegra

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Hi all,

I'm currently running a full Tiagra groupset that's done about 2500 miles over the last couple of years and having seen a good deal on an Ultegra (6600) chainset ( I was wondering whether I would notice any difference by upgrading the chainset (and probably BB)?

many thanks


  • Jim CJim C Posts: 333
    Very unlikely U would feel any difference. It might shift a little cleaner/ quicker, but I wouldn't bank on it. Based on experience of many Shimano and other chainsets over a few years

    It might look more bling.....
  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    Brakes would be much better in my experience. It would shift a touch better but you would have to be paying very close attention to notice.
  • Ive got both, Tiagra on the turbo trainer and Ultegra on the carbon road job.

    There is a difference, but to get the full benefit you need to swap out the entire groupset really, as these things only really come together as a whole.

    Doubt you would notice a huge difference just to the chainset, though there is a difference of course, Ultegra is much slicker, quieter and shifts a bit more effortlessly. Having said that, Tiagra is a good workhorse groupset.

    Imagine a cheap mp3 player and an ipod, the mp3 player will do everything the ipod does, but the ipod just does it better. Same sort of feeling. :D
  • Thanks all.

    I guess it's probably best to wait and try and upgrade everyting later in the year!
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