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ProssPross Posts: 23,733
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Following on from the complex rules on day licences in another thread, whilst reading the rules relating to the different event categories I notice it says Regional C or C+ should be run as a handicap or other suitable format and that they shouldn't exceed 90 minutes in duration. I am promoting a handicap road race which I am listing as a Regional C+ as this enables all categories to compete. However, the length of the race will be 45 miles so will take longer than 90 minutes (more like 105 minutes). There seem to be plenty of other similar Regional C+ races around and we have promoted numerous such races as a club over the years. Can someone clarify the situation? I wouldn't want to be in a position where there was an incident and any investigation picked up the length of the race being too great!


  • Dess1eDess1e Posts: 239
    Just guidelines, not mandatory, hence the use of the words should/ shouldn't instead of must/ mustn't. Once you've applied and completed the RA you will receive a permit from BC, meaning that as long as you stick to your RA you'll be covered by BC event insurance.
  • ProssPross Posts: 23,733
    Cheers. I didn't think there'd be an issue but in this day and age you need to be sure!
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