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What's the difference

gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
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Hi all, I used to use the forum a year or so ago, I have just started to look again (long story) anyway, I was looking at the thread re. Replace bike for 550 or upgrade for 350, correct me if I'm wrong. So to my question what is the difference between compact and double chainrings, my reason for asking is, I have just bought a CARRERA TDF Ltd today 220 ridden once and stored, I'm not very fit and need to lose some timber so am hoping this bike is going to assist. Thanks for your answers, Gary


  • TakeTurnsTakeTurns Posts: 1,075
    Compact is a 50/34 and a double is a 54/39. Don't worry, I'm not talking maths, these are the teeth count on the chainrings.

    The compact is easier to ride with the option of riding in a lower gear. You haven't mentioned the SPEC of this so called "CARRERA TDF". Therefore I can not comment on it's compatibility for your requirements.

    It would be ideal for you to have a 50/34 with a 11-28 cassette. If you're still suffering, then consider getting a triple chainring chainset.

    If you do get a triple, ignore the onlookers.

    Good luck with the bike and happy pedaling.
  • gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
    When you say the spec of the bike, what do you mean sorry for my ignorance I'm new to all this. G
  • TakeTurnsTakeTurns Posts: 1,075
    No problem dawg. At least you're in the correct section, so your "ignorance" is dismissed.

    By 'spec', I mean the specifications of the bike. I.e: what your current set-up is. Compact/double and the teeth on the cassette.
  • gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
    Thanks taketurns, I will check it out and be right back :-)
  • elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
    As Take Turns said,its to do with gearing.If your not sure which one you have then count the teeth on the front chain ring.I bought a carrera virtuoso ltd which halfords said was a compact which turns to be a standard.The reason is because its a race ltd.
    Any way I changed to compact and went from a 26-12 to a 30-11 on the back.This makes a lot of difference in the local hills.
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  • ForumNewbieForumNewbie Posts: 1,664
    The Carrera TDF seems to have a double chainset 52/39, and a 12-26 cassette at the back. This means that your lowest gear is a 39/26 which a lot of us would find quite tough on steep hils. If you live in a reasonably flat area or are really fit cyclist that won't be a problem.

    However if you could change to compact 50/34 that would make steep hills a bit easier, but you would have to make sure it was compatible with your cassette at the back.
  • gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
    Just had a look and I think mine is fitted with a compact chainset, which I'm glad about.
  • BustacappBustacapp Posts: 971
    gazman1 wrote:
    Just had a look and I think mine is fitted with a compact chainset, which I'm glad about.

    I don't think it is. I was gonna get a Carrera TDF last year but ended up getting a Virtuoso LTD Edition. They are both almost identical specs. A 52/39 front chainring sits up front.

    But I perfer it because I always have a bit of an excuse for performing poor times over the monster hills. That and the fact I weigh quite a bit too.
  • philwintphilwint Posts: 763
    My one has a standard chainset, and yes it is over geared. I've a new bike on order at the moment, but found that it will actually (just) take a 11-34 MTB 8 speed cassette on the back (you have to really wind in the B adjust screw!!).

    This gives a (nearly) equiv gearing to a compact chain set with a very cheap and easy upgrade (especially if you happen to have said cassette gathering dust in your shed).

    (the max stated size for the rear mech provided is 28, so do this at your own risk)
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