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tdg1230tdg1230 Posts: 2
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I'm buying a new road bike, budget is around £3500 I've looked a few bikes now an the moment quite fancy the Orbea Orca Silver, with Ultegra and Kysrium SLS, I m also considering Giant as I currently ride a TCR, the Giant in my price range has internal cable routing, but I'm not sure how important that is? Anyone got any suggestions or advice. I have rides on Orca Bronze, which was nice and the Silver can only be better.


  • ellj22ellj22 Posts: 122
    You have a lot of choice in that price range, best bet is to arrange some test rides with some local bike shops.

    Internal cable routing looks slick, can help protect the cables and might have a very slight aero advantage (probably not noticeable). However internal cables can be a pain to change/service and can rattle which will drive you mad! However this depends on how well the frame is designed.
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