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Garmin 810 idiots guide to buying

mosamosa Posts: 754
edited January 2013 in Road buying advice
Me being the idiot. If I had the funds I would walk straight in and buy the full kit but I don't. I need hrm & sensor with it so was wondering whats the cheapest way to buy?

I want the turn by turn type navigation style like Tom Tom but my technical knowledge is low with regards to downloading maps from sites to put on a memory card etc.

Is it worth doing it all separate?
Would I save much?

Or if I buy a bundle which one do I go for ?

I realise this is a already discussed topic but thought new buyers could respond. Heads battered! That's before I work out how to use it with the hrm etc
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  • simonm8simonm8 Posts: 25
    I have just go the 810 with HRM and Cadence sensors for £363, i have downloaded some open source maps someone suggested, but havent had a chance to try these yet, as need to get a memory card to put them on. i dont know how good the bas maps are that you get on the 810, aint tried them yet. hopefully will try in next fews days and will post back how i got on.. Hope that helps
  • mosamosa Posts: 754
    That's great thanks. Whee did you get it?
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    2018 Trek Emonda SL6 Pro
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,242
    THe bundles are usually the best value - Note that the Garmin road maps are available for the whole of Europe for under 50 squids (can't remember exactly how much) but the OS maps are available separately for 150! If you re going to ride off road or want the use of OS maps then it's really worth getting them in a bundle
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  • simonm8simonm8 Posts: 25
    I got mine from evans cycles as I had vouchers to use. They price matched cycle surgery. Got them sent next day to store.
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