Garmin Edge 810 and map my ride gpx file

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After waiting forever for the Edge 810 to come out, I finally get my hands on it. But I can't figure out if the thing it broken or just doesn't work with map my ride gpx files. Every time I add a gpx file from map my ride to "New files" it renders the Garmin Edge useless, sometimes won't start just hangs, sometimes when you click on courses the thing black screens.

I have uploaded files from other sites, strava and ride with GPS, and they work. If anybody else has and Edge 810 could they try a map my ride gpx file and see if it works? DON'T put it on the actual garmin, put it on the SD Card cause when it went wrong with me there was no way of deleting it. Had to do a hard reset while powering on. With the SD Card you will need to take it out and plug it into a computer, and delete the file.



  • Rename the file , don't think the Garmin likes all the underscores etc that map my ride has in the filename.
    I had the same issue , renamed the file with a short filename and no spaces and so far so good .
  • Someone on the garmin support forum figured it out. Map my ride files are missing the name tag in their gpx files, so by adding it in at the right place the file works.
    I will be testing it tomorrow, bound to find another bug, seems like the Edge 810 has quite a few.

  • I couldn't get any gpx routes onto 'Garmin Connect' via their 'manual upload', I simply couldn't get that feature to work successfully, I tried many routes from and similar sites with no luck, I tried renaming with no underscores if they had them but that didn't seem to do anything either, all I got was the repeated error messages stating "Some activities could not be created"; which translated to nothing seemed to be happening at all!

    After much Google searching I found that many had been experiencing the same frustrating issue, there were many work arounds people had tried but one that I also found worked for me was saving the '.GPX ' route from into a folder on my laptop, then selecting the Garmin 810 on my laptop via 'My Computer-Garmin 'F' drive', select the 'new files' folder and copy-paste the route into that folder, disconnect the Garmin 810 and power down, when you power it back up again the copied route then appears in 'courses' on the Garmin 810, although the courses didn't show on the 'Connect Garmin' site; I had also seen what 'mtolhurst' had mentioned above so confess I haven't uploaded many yet just incase "it renders the Garmin Edge useless".

    At the moment anything I really wanted I intend to make my own version in the Garmin connect course planner.

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    I haven't tried it recently but I've never had any problems using mapmyride for plotting routes so perhaps this is a new issue. You could always try exporting from mapmyride and importing it into the garmin software and then loading it onto the Edge
  • Dave_P1 wrote:
    ....You could always try exporting from mapmyride and importing it into the garmin software and then loading it onto the Edge
    That's the problem, I can load a saved .gpx from '' onto the 810 by adding them onto the 'New Files' folder in F drive as I mentioned above, what I can't then do is upload that route onto the 'Garmin Connect' site, a shame as it would be useful to open them in 'Garmin Connect' then edit them.

    I've tried a manual upload from the saved route on my pc and from the courses folder from the Garmin in F and G drive as well, I just get the same "Some activities could not be created" message.

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    I have an 810. I use bikeroutetoaster to create .tcx routes. This works well. Garmin Connect is a crock of sh1t.
  • With the help of the Garmin Forum I have found out the following:

    The manual upload problem is due to the fact that some sites do not save the data quite how Garmin Connect needs it, however there is a site called that will convert their data to what Garmin Connect will accept for the manual upload. So, via their 'Convert' page you 'choose' the '.gpx' file you've exported and saved from another site, select 'convert' to a 'GPX Track', when converted this will then load into Garmin Connect; note it uploads it as an 'Activity' that you then save as a 'Course'; so don't forget to delete the 'Activity' afterwards so they don't count towards your totals.

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    ...or just create it via bikeroutetoaster instead and save yourself the bother