My first Road bike.. (beginner)

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Hello all, my names Dale 26 living in surrey. Just signed up on here and this is my first post!!
I got a new job in which is only 10.2 miles away, and after driving there for a few weeks i met a really nice guy who bikes to work every day, very keen and enters races.
Well i wanted one.. so i got on ebay and bought myself a Viking peloton 2nd hand, great condition, bascily new. I know its not the best bike but i thought dont spend to much incase i dont like it. Well i love it! I started by doing two times a week then three, four but still have not managed to do five. Weather or tirdness normaly makes me use the car in which i hate to use.
Work is 10.2 mile away so i do 20.4 miles a day four times a week. soon to be five! Have my bike all set up, love buying stuff for it, ie lights bottle holder, pump and spare tubes and stuff.
Now im getting really into it and last week i hit a brick wall (not literally) on the way home i ran out of puff and wanted to get off and eat and eat and eat, well i made it home just and ate and ate!!
Talking to the guy at work he sed i could do with eating more.. Goning to give that a try and see how i get on,, any ways here is my first post. Now im off to have a nose around the forum..
Cheers Dale


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    hi and welcome dale,to what will be become a bit of an obsessive hobby.Enjoy
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    Welcome to the clan.

    Read up a bit on nutrition. There are some good pointers on this website in the fitness section to get you started. Make sure you take on plenty of healthy carbs during the day. and might be a good idea to stock up on a good energy drink in your water bottle just to give you a kick on the way home in the evening.
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    I'm not sure that an energy drink would do anything in the time of a 10-mile commute, but the advice about eating healthy carbs during the day is worth following.
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    I feel it helps me but each to there own.

    If you are hitting a wall and just need a bit of an energy boost a carb drink can help. Do be sure to eat a normal meal in the evening to help with the recovery process. Simple carbs and protein do the trick .
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    Thanks.. some great advise and tips for me to try out. Looks a great forum been having a look round and again i can pick up some good stuff from here, keep me and the bike going. :D