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My rears nuts

PsykelPsykel Posts: 6
edited November 2013 in Track

I wanted to ask if you might help me... I have a Charge plug ( road model 2010 )
The rear Axle nuts ( Track nut ) have become worn. I bought a pair of 10mm nuts ( The rotating washer kind )
But they won't fit - too small. Just a fraction too small.

I wrote to Charge - they confirmed that both axles ( rear and front ) were 10mm? ( In fact, 10 x 1mm )
I've been to three local bike shops - all have stared very blankly at my request for a replacement or knowledge of them?

Where can you buy these babies... and why is it so tricky to locate info on them?

With many thanks in advance,


  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    Just sounds like you have some front axle nuts which are 9 mm.

    Get some Shimano rear 10 mm nuts from Hubjub or Tokyo Fixed.
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  • PsykelPsykel Posts: 6
    Thank you for replying - greatly appreciated Eddy S.

    I think you must be right... about the confusion between the 9mm and 10mm.
    They aren't marked - and I don't have a own a calliper.
    I purchased ( in a moment of madness ) some 'Savage wheel nuts 10mm'
    They fit the front axle fine, but not the rear?
    Charge expressly said... front and rear axles were the same size = 10mm.

    Cheers again,
  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    Having similar troubles asking about my Plug freestyler 2011, heres my post from commuting.
    bushu wrote:
    as much as i love my charge ss, i'm really starting to dislike the Charge brand..

    the 'Dish' front wheel axle on my Plug Freestyler finally gave up yesterday, well it was made of cheddar and i had crossthreaded in anger at the roadside - so swapped for spare qr wheel to keep me going.. (I've a new wheelset just sat waiting till the weather gets nicer mind)
    I couldn't shift the axle either :? looks like its propriety :( so i emailed chargebikes to query my spec.
    i could accept the first bit about kak axle but, the end where i asked about the stupid axle-fork top-hat adaptors required to fit a normal wheel axle in the fork was irritating to say the least.. not one straight answer for something they bloody built, anyway here's most of the reply :(
    My gut feeling is that it will not be possible to change the axle due to the lips machined onto the axle as a bearing seat. This will be custom for the hub body/ bearing. If you did want to remove the other bearing you will just need to tap the bearing out of the hub body with a drift internally. You may have to get a steel axle machined to match the current axle if you wanted a beefier one.

    The spacers on the Carhaart Plug Freestyle edition and Iron bike we have here are 10-12mm axle adaptors. You may want to double check with your existing ones and measure the hole in the dropout.
  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    I think any contact with chargebikes is to sales/PR office, who seem to know nothing technical about the kit..
    Even tried the twitter route :|
  • reetyreety Posts: 1
    had a problem with charge bikes this week after breaking my rear wheel axle i contacted them through my local bike shop and they would only sell me the whole hub as they have no parts in stock
    so i will have to make one at work
    at the end of the day they must just buy in from china then sell what they have and hope no-one asks for any bits
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