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Hybrid under 300?

Chuddy plopChuddy plop Posts: 2
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Hi. I know this has been asked probably a million and 1 times!

Haven't ridden a bike since I was a nipper and I want to get back into it as a casual user at least.

So I'm looking for a bike that can be used on canal paths, some road, some muddy / rocky terrain. Nothing demanding.

I'll then see if I enjoy & keep up the hobby before upgrading.

So I guess I'm looking at a hybrid. Something light would suit, but apart from that I don't mind. I'm 5'7 if that helps.
Decent brand at that entry level price available!?

Happy to buy new from Evans or auctions or second hand shops, in good physical unbattered condition.

Any recommendations of brands, specific models & deals etc please?



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