saddle rail, stopping ceasing

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So nice new bike, but can't for the life of me work out what to put on my saddle rails to stop them ceasing up.

Saddle is selle Italia race se

Any help be great thanks
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    wtf are you on about, do you mean seizing up?, if so what are the saddle rails really going to seize with, and to be honest unless they are some crappy cheap steel rails they will not see any corrosion that may lead to any seizure problems.
    How often are you planning on adjusting your fore and aft saddle position that this has entered your thought process
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    I assume the saddle is held on by a clamp. If so it will not seize, but the bolt that holds the saddle clamp together may, as if you have no mudguards it will get covered in spray in wet weather. Make sure you put a dab of grease on the bolt before tightening. That said I often put grease on the saddle rails as well as it can help stop them creaking under my great weight.
  • This is what I mean.
    As you see its already rusted a bit:-\ , so I've stuck some grease (Teflon) on the rails so hopefully that help, unless you guys have better idea?
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