Cervo Rosso Switzerland

Dancing Bear
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How good is this stuff, does anybody know or have some - it looks stunning, every bit a well made as Assos (and as expensive) but less dull..

worth buying?


  • Garry H
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    Never used the stuff, but if it was a choice between Assos and something that costs the same as Assos, everything else being equal, I'd pick Assos.
  • bjl
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    Got both Assos and Cervo Rosso bibshorts, Assos wins on comfort and quality, Cervo Rosso not in same league in my opinion, got them in a sale with about 30% off, and that is the price I would pay again, nice, comfy well made, but not in top league, may look better though.
  • schweiz
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    I've been using Cervo Rosso kit for the last couple of years and in my opinion the latest incarnation of the kit are equal to the 'other' Swiss brand (which I do own) and, for my backside at least, have the most comfortable pad I've ridden. I'm led to believe that the early shorts and lycra jerseys were made in a different factory, but as order quantities increased production was moved to another factory in Italy that had far more experience in producing top cycling gear. The original long sleeve merino jersey was made by Shutt in the UK but the Cross Jersey last year was made in Italy too.

    The new jerseys are getting better and better as Cervo Rosso take note of customer feedback regarding sizing, fit, functionality and details. The new fabrics that they use are far better than what was used in the original jerseys (although for me, they're still going strong).

    As for price, well they're similarly priced to lower end Assos stuff but having ridden 238 pain free km in last year's Ötztaler Bike Marathon, compared to an Assos covered sore backside after the 174 km Marmotte in 2009, I'll be sticking with Cervo Rosso.

    There's quite a few discount codes out there too for 10% and 15% off and to top it all they have a 60 day no quibble money back guarantee, so if you try it and don't like it, you've not lost anything!