Fitting Hudz to Ultegra 6600 levers ?

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Well the title said it all really !!!

Just ordered some coloured Hudz to fit on my Ultegra 6600 levers. My question is since the cabling is external and not under the bar tape as per 6700 do i have to remove the levers and bar tape from the bars to fit the new Hudz ?

I've presumed so but would like to check as i've got relatively fresh tape on and will wait till it needs changing before fitting the Hudz.

Tried looking for fitting guides on Youtube/google etc and could not find any !!!

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  • antfly
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    Have you not looked at the Hudz website, they have installation instructions ?
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  • k-dog
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    I would think you could just undo the gear cables and slide them on that way instead.
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  • schweiz
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    IIRC, you don't need to remove the levers but you will have to remove the gear cable. As the gear cables are external, the bar tape stays where it is.

    Don't wish to pee on your new purchase, but I've tried twice now with Hudz and within a few hundred km , they just slip round the STI's. I just stick with the Shimano original parts now.

    Warm them in warm (not hot or boiling) water or they're a pain to get on.
  • k-dog
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    On thinking about it more you maybe can't slide them over the levers with the cables in place - you would have it up by the top of the lever and they probably don't stretch enough to get it over the bottom of the lever at the same time.

    It would probably be better to undo your bar tape and take it off - then you could slide them on from the clamp side which wouldn't involve so much stretching.
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