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tyre advice size and make needed please.

sreuk72sreuk72 Posts: 5
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Hi all, new to forums :)

k I currently have a dawes tanami hybrid which I plan to spend some money on upgrading.

1st thing I need are tyres as they are odd front and back and a silly 28x something size.
Im hoping to put 700c's on it will this be fine I have been told yes but want to make sure.
I can't decide on 32 or 35/37 section would 32's be any quicker or is that just a myth?
I am looking at conti's but they have such a huge range I am totally confused as to what tread patter to go for. I use the bike for commuting hense the hybrid ;) and I want a good 4 season tyre for 90% road work and the odd run down a local track (hard pack mud n tarmac bits)

I am used to riding roadbikes but totally unpractical for my use and the rubbish roads round here and i like the fast rolling nature :) but do not really want e.g. conti sport contacs or semi slicks as I ride in all weather and odd dodgy icy snow days like we are having now.
Have been looking at the conti touring plus/tour ride /top contacts

any help would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance ....


  • I can't help you a lot, but I can give you my experience ref tyres last year.

    I had run for almost a year, conti 4 season (28c) rear, and conti gatorskin (28c front) - this worked well. However I was swayed by the idea of a little more comfort whilst apparently not getting any penalty - so whilst on sale i bought 2X randonneur cross pros (35c).

    I rode with these tyres for 3 weeks, yes there was a little more comfort, but NO the difference in speed/energy was NOT negligible! I really struggled to hit my normal speeds and was more tired after the commute. They were slow to spin up, made my cross bike handle sluggishly - I tried different pressures, I stuck with it in case it was me -BUT - in my situation I can without a doubt say I much preferred the 28cs - the conti 4 seasons notably - and I sold the randonneurs and have never looked back!

    And now I have dialed in the pressures better on my 28s I even have most of the comfort too!

    Doesn't exactly answer your question but food for thought! As an aside though, I do not know your "girth" and really you want to get tyres that can handle your weight with room to spare (this enables you to add less PSI and still get the performance/comfort that you seek). I am 11.5 stone ish and 28c is more than enough for me.
  • Thanks for the reply it has helped alot and it has gave me more too think about lol

    very helpfull knowing the experience you have had with the 28' compared to the 35's I think i'll be trying 32's as I am running 35's at min. I will have to go to the contis website and do more reserch as it may help with tyre pressures and things for my size (didnt realise that was a factor :mrgreen: : ) im about 12.5 stone I think.
  • Here is a useful article with ref to tire pressures -

    you should be able to ascertain your+bike+loads weight, and use it to see what pressures you have to run in different tyre sizes. Might help make you decision for you.

    For reference I run my 28s at about 90 PSI rear, 65 PSI front - and find the ride fast and comfortable.

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