Garmin acquiring position gps signal

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Decided to take my edge 200 on a jog as it seemed to work last time but this time I have up after 1/2 mile

A friend with a watch garmin locked on quicker outside and after the run he said it could have been because I was in motion so locking onto GPS made it more difficult

Is this the case should be stationary first?
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  • Mikey41
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    Yes, a GPS will locate itself quicker if it isn't moving.
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  • verylonglegs
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    Tried to start my 200 after I'd already set off once and I had to stop to let it get a lock in the end.
  • sev112
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    Must say my 200 pickup very well when moving

    Last week i was in a bus between lech and st anton in Austria, and it was inside a zipped pocket
    Every time when we went inside a tunnel it lost signal, but as soon as we came out it would beep and pick up signal almost immediately

    Of interest however was the 2kph difference between the garmin 200 and the garmin forerunner watch my colleague was wearing as we put them next to each other going up the cable car !
  • John.T
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    Initial lock always takes a lot longer if you are moving. Also if you are a considerable distance from where you last switched on. Losing lock in tunnels does not cause a problem as it knows pretty well where you are.