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djsoftwaredjsoftware Posts: 199
Did not realise this section existed - but after my Garmin Edge 500 incident which was a complete scam thought it best to post something.

After a bit of investigation the scammer was actually called James Salt who lives in Chesterfield and asked for a bank transfer to the account No 23876607 and sort code 070246. The scammer also ripped off people on

I also have more information if anyone requires it. After tracking him down finally got a partial refund but still owed a good majority of the money.


  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    Quick word of advice, I can appreciate your anger but "I" would change a few of those account digits to *, enough so people recognise the sequence but not enough to be a total match as you are breaking the law and he "could" take legal action against you.

    Now sell the debt he owes you and walk away happy knowing that he will have to pay double what he owes you and you get paid. :)
    Living MY dream.
  • Unfortunately you cannot edit a post but I really did not want anyone else to ripped off like I did as the scammer uses other aliases but the same account number hence the reason for posting.
  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    Im with you and wasnt in any way "telling you off"
    The problem with people who live thier life ripping others is that they tend to know the rules, the ways they can get an edge, like fiddling the benefits system whilst working cash in hand and ripping people on forums and ebay etc.
    He will get a knock on the door one day I reckon.
    Living MY dream.
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