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Racing in France

innertubeinnertube Posts: 10
edited January 2013 in Amateur race
Looking to do some amateur racing in France in the summer.

How would I go about doing this? Do I need a French licence or to be a member of a club or anything? What are the category equivalents etc?

Many thanks.


  • i assume you are a BCF member? so that licence is fine you just need a permission letter from them which just confirms your insured to race over there, what cat are you? in France they have 1,2,3 cats as opposed to our Elite,1,2,3,4, whereabouts in France are you planning on racing? in Brittany racing is much more aggressive than UK races so it may take a few races to get used to it- a 2,3 french race is way harder than a UK 2,3 race but if you are strong your more likely to get the result you deserve as people seem less inclined to just sit in and wait for the sprint like in England. Enjoy!!
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