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Advice required on new commute!

jtothebjtotheb Posts: 8
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I've been commuting from Epsom in Surrey to Croydon for the last 6 months or so - about a 10 mile trip each way. I'm moving roles in a couple of weeks and want to build some cycling into the new route.

My new role is in Winnersh Triangle, near Reading, which at 40 miles from Epsom, is way too far (well, for me anyway!) to cover solely on a bike. As such, I'm trying to find a way I can cover either the first part or the last part by train and cycle the rest. I reckon I could probably cover 20 miles max each way cycling.

Anyone got any ideas? I was thinking that cycling to somewhere like Staines in the morning and then the train direct from there would be about right - and the reverse in the evening.

I'd also need to factor in any restrictions on bikes on trains in the morning / evening - which from an initial look seems OK (as long as I don't travel any further into London).


  • Trains out of Surbiton go to Reading, they have some comprehensive bike racks in the front and back car parks, designed in such a way that other people cannot mess with your bike - (the bike rack is inside a kind of cage which you need a key to get in to from what I have seen so there may be a small cost), otherwsie, look at the line it uses to run down to reading and maybe head towards one of those stations it stops at.

    Alternatively, head in the other direction, there is a train that runs from Redhill to Reading, via guildford. One of it's stops is Dorking Deepdene (directly next to Dorking mainline station), I think it also stops at effinghan as well.
  • Thanks for the advice. I think I'd like to commute a bit further than Surbiton and I was thinking of taking my bike on the train anyway so wouldn't probably leave it at the station.

    I used to use the Dorking Deepdene station quite a bit as well. That could well work (bit of a killer commute home though up the A24!)
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