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Help! Looking for 1st road bike

Beavan7Beavan7 Posts: 8
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I am new to road cycling and looking to purchase my first road bike. I have a budget of £600, but need a little help on direction, do's dont's etc.

I have after a little research come up with a short(ish!) list of possibilities. Hoping that someone can help me eliminate a few from the list and maybe advise what i should be expecting for my budget.

Current list is;
Fuji Sportif 1.5
Specialised Allez
Boardman Road Race
Felt Z100
Felt Z95
Giant Defy 4
Cannondale CAAD8 2300
Cannondale Synapse 2300

Any advise on narrowing the list, direction, or even alternatives will be gratefully received!



  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    Get somebody knowledgeable to check out the secondhand market for you.

    £600 secondhand can bag you a carbon Shimano 105 or equivalent bike with fair wheels at that budget (Aksiums, Fulcrums etc) and there is no reason why it shouldn't be in VGC.

    £600 new does not get you anything like that spec.
  • gsphilgsphil Posts: 11
    I mate. Big question! The truth is, all of those bikes will do the job. One thing I would say is fit, fit, fit! Get the bike that fits. In my experience, this can't always be achieved by high street bike shops. Go somewhere with pedigree, try to see a guy that's experienced at doing fittings. They will charge but will usually refund upon purchase of the bike. Once you have some measurements, base the decision on this. Take your time, there's loads of choice. But from costly experience, proper fit will enhance your riding. Others will disagree, but its what I learned. It should avoid injury and save you money.

    Plus factor decent pedals and clothing into your purchase- they are as important as the bike.

    If you do go second hand, which can be a minefield if you don't know anyone clued up, still think about getting a fitting if you plan to do a lot of riding.
  • Thanks for the advise, will definitely look at a fitting. what sort of money should i be thinking of on pedals/shoes?
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    You can get Shimano SPD-SL pedals for £30 and DHB shoes for £60 that will do you fine.

    Equally you can spend £200 on shoes and as much on pedals but this is clearly not essential or sensible.
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  • Thank you, very helpful
  • gsphilgsphil Posts: 11
    Yeah, +1 on Smidsy's advice, that sort of money should be sufficient. These are just things that often get overlooked. But again, a fancy pair on eBay that don't fit properly won't be as good as a more basic quality pair that you've tried on. You need quality, there's loads of fancy gear in this job that won't make you ride any better. There is a fair amount of trial and error, but if you base everything on what feels right, you won't go far wrong.
  • Thanks again :-)
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