Bontrager Stock V's R501's

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I have been riding for the last 6 months to lose weight and get fit (and yes through this lovely winter we are having) on a Trek 1.2 with full stock Sora and Bontrager finishing gear. After a bit of consideration and reading on this forum about 'good upgrades' to make I was thinking of treating myself to a new set of wheels.

I have been looking at a few different types but I am unsure of the quality or level of the stock ones on the 1.2 but I am assuming from the level of bike they will not be great, now getting round to my question..........

If I buy a set of Shimano R501's will these be a signifficent upgrade to the stock ones on the bike atm
should I be looking and the Askiums or Fulcrum 7's price range??
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  • I have a pair of R501, they are cheap, lighter than my stock french made Mach 1.
    Looks good too, but not really for extreme rider, they are too heavy for that category.

    Compare to Aksium they are way below, but works great for everyday use and fast pace riding.
    I think R501 are like 85 GBP or lower, but personally if you have the $$, go for Aksium.
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    Get the Aksiums if you can afford them. The Mavic hubs are far easier to maintain and the wheels should therefore last you longer. My bike came with R500s fitted and whilst they were OK the bearings didn't last long on the rear and I changed it for an Aksium Race.
  • Cheers guys, always good to get some advice and opinions before blowing £80 on something that is only as good as whats fitted.

    Cash saved and saving for some Aksiums/Fulcrum 7's
    Summer - Wilier la Triestina
    Winter - Trek 1.2
    Turbo bike - Trek 1.2
    I love my Trek 1.2