First road bike

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I am just about to get my first road bike for a 30 mile daily commute.
My company have signed up for the cyclescheme and I'm now in the process of choosing a bike.
The specialized secteur triple 2013. ... e-ec040964
I'm liking the price / look of but i could really do with some advice from people who ride or have rode this bike.
Thanks in advance.


  • ShutUpLegs
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    Excellent first bike
  • zx6man
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    ShutUpLegs wrote:
    Excellent first bike

    +1 good choice
  • Bookwyse
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    For a thirty mile commute I would be loomign to see if the bike can have guards and possibly panniers on it. Not sure if the Secteur can.

    Also find a shop that has them in and take a couple of different opnes out to see which one suits/fits you better.

    I had my heart set on a Allez last year but once I rode one found it didnt fit me quite right but found an Orbea that fits like a glove. The diffrence between being nearly right and right can make a huge diffrence especially on a commute.
  • zx6man
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    its has holes for guards/ panniers. the "comfy" sectuers have always had them, unlike the racey allez
  • MattyyP
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    Brilliant choice for a first bike! It's what I ride, has all the holes in the right place for panniers and mudguards, and it's not as all out racey as the Allez but it will certainly go if you want it to :)

    Before you buy though, have a ride on it and a couple of others to make sure it's what you want.
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