Garmin battery life dropped in the cold

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Hi all, as title, my edge 705 battery life has dropped to about 2 hrs before the low battery warning comes on, it was only a few weeks ago I thought that it was good, I was getting 7-10 hrs a week with no issues, since last week the low battery warning has appeared, I am hoping that its the cold weather and once the temps rise so will the battery life.

Has anyone else been experiencing the same issue?

Is the battery shot and time for an 810?


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    Its prob just the cold weather draining the battery quicker
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    Fairly typical of all batteries in the cold
  • All Batteries don't work as well once it gets cold, I get shorter run times for my lights, I have a new garmin edge 200 seems to last forever though I do tend to charge it fairly regularly if nothing else since it's a handy place to store it!

    This said if it's a edge 705 and it's a few years old could be the battery is getting a bit tired, and tired older battery's do tend to perform even worse if cold.
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    New batteries can be had on Amazon for about £15 IIRC and are quite easy to replace, only needs a small Tx screwdriver and plastic tool to push the connector home.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • Thanks for the replies, good news it would appear the cold has had a major effect on the battery life, Things should Improve when the temps rise though the batt is a couple of years old so I will look to replace this soon.

    Thanks again

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    My old Edge 705 seems to hold up very well in the cold but I have noticed a significant drop in the time it takes for my lights to show a 1/2 full warning.

    As has been said though it's normal and nothing to worry about.
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    It's just a trait of lithum ion batteries, in my pro dslars in the cold I keep a spare in a pocket on the inside of my jacket and swap them over now and again, the actual life doesn't drop it just reports that it's low, after warming up it comes back to life.
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    Yes batteries suffer more in the cold, but 2 hours life on a 705 is extreme, I would say you need to replace your battery. I used to get 12 hours easily out of mine, maybe extreme cold might drop that down a bit - but not to 2 hours!
  • Hi all,

    Thought I would give you an update, decided to bring the garmin to work so I could keep an eye on the battery usage during the day and also try the unit in warmer conditions.

    Good news, so far the unit has been running for 5.5hrs and still 3/4 battery showing on the guage.

    Only thing is I got a great price on an edge 810 in stock at the LBS, perhaps its time for an upgrade, I will let you know how long the battery lasts as an experiment over running in the extreme cold.

  • Ok so I have now turned it off, it was running for over 13 hrs and still showing half battery life, pretty conclusive that the extreme cold effects the battery.

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    Just looked back on my records in SportTracks (records weather with my ride data), I've done many 6 hour rides in sub zero temperatures. Like I said, even in very cold temperatures, 2 hours indicates a problem, I'm convinced of it.
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    The rechargeable NiMH AA cells I use in my front light started giving me very poor run times in the cold. I took this as a sign that they'd reached the end of their useful life. Sure enough, the replacements are giving me spectacularly better performance
  • Thanks again for the feedback guy's & girls, picked up the 810 today :D so the 705 is now going to be put away.
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    Install a new battery and flog it on eBay :)