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Triban 3 Sizing

treaclepigtreaclepig Posts: 14
edited January 2013 in Road buying advice
hi all
Please can anyone help me out with sizing for the Btwin Triban 3 from Decathlon?
Despite my best efforts I can't seem to ever catch a store at opening times (the nearest one is about 40miles away)
I am approx 5' 6'' tall with a 29'' inside leg, I was thinking I might need the 51.
Also, are the wheels on the smaller sized frames the 700c or the 650c, I can't seem to find this out either.
Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
If anyone around my size has one how do you find it in general?
Thanks in advance.


  • kenankenan Posts: 952
    I'm not your size but can advise on the Triban I got. I'm 5"10 with 33" inside leg so went for the 57. I'v had to shorten the stem due to the long reach but find the bike fits well. The info on the Dacathlon website is poor, there is a little more on the B'Twin site: ... #tabs_link
  • ManOfKentManOfKent Posts: 392
    My son has one of the smaller sizes - might be a 48 - and that has 650c wheels. I'm not sure at which size they change to 700c.
  • I'm similar to kenan, 5'10 with a 57cm frame. Found it too big and have a shorter stem on now. I may have bought a 54 in hindsight.

    This recent thread may be some use:

  • I bought one of these last year when they had just had their great reviews and were like rocking horse 5hite! I am 5'6" with a 30" inseam and tried both in store (very limited up & down an aisle!) and although I preferred the 51, I was advised by their staff that I need the 54cm which I took.

    In hindsight the 51cm would have been better for me but I ended up with the 54 version. I found it a struggle so moved it on not long after and went with a smaller Planet X frame instead.

    Great bike for the money mind and didn't I read on here that they are reducing the price or something for 2013?

    BTW - 51cm comes with 650cc wheels, 54cm and above have 700cc (or that's how it was with the 2012 bike).
  • Weeman1973 wrote:
    Great bike for the money mind and didn't I read on here that they are reducing the price or something for 2013?

    I've read elsewhere that there will be a new £280 Triban 3 with aluminium forks and the same groupset. The £300 version will still be available as the "Triban 3 UK".
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