Which Bike should I buy?

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I'm looking to buy my first road bike. I have been looking at the Specialized tarmac sl3 expert and the Trek Madone 4.7.

I'm not sure which on I should go for. I have a budget of around £2000 or just over.

What would people recommend?


  • Try them both. And maybe some others too.

    I was in the same position three months ago, I rode six different ones, two of them twice, before I finally decided.
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
  • domb28
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    I'm also looking at the Pinarello FP Quattro Ultegra 2012.
  • ShutUpLegs
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    Sounds like you need the Trek
  • kayo74
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    Try looking at the Canyon range get a lot for your money. The only problem is you can't test ride as they come direct from factory.
  • CiB
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    The red one. See Stupid Question / Stupid Answers thread. That red one is quite lovely.
  • skid4.5
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    For what it's worth I just bought thes years trek madone 4.5 and absolutely love it. Good climbing bike and still very nippy on the flat when you put the hammer down. Good luck whatever u choose 8)