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Afan rideable?

SambucaSambuca Posts: 116
edited January 2013 in Routes
Morning guys,
Have organised a weekend to Afan for a group but am a bit concerned it will be unrideable at the mo. Obviously there are a few more days to thaw out but has anyone actually been around 'Whites Level' or 'YWall'? Cheers


  • Some boys I know went out last weekend and the fire road was rideable around the bottom but the single track higher up wasn't.

    We're supposed to get more snow in the next day or two as well
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  • DEZZA53DEZZA53 Posts: 17
    Check out the Cognation posts and pix on facebook, looks like they've had a real dumping of the white stuff.
  • wmorgswmorgs Posts: 113
    Just had another 2" tonight, be bad for a week at least . . . .
    Anyone ridden Penhydd as its back open, only been riding 3 months so not been open..
  • The pen is not open and will reopen in July according to cognations website
    Orange P7 2007
    MOTM on first appearance 10/4/11
  • wmorgswmorgs Posts: 113
    Sorry only read the headline not the small print ). Doh
  • concordeconcorde Posts: 1,008
    Anyone been out there since these updates? What's it like?

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