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Spain: Quesada, Benijofar, Torrevieja...

sunburntkneessunburntknees Posts: 272
Looks like I'm being dragged out to the in-laws place in Quesada in April/May! To help ease the boredom, I thought I would take the bike and get some training in.

I'm trying to find info about local groups who I can go out with or companies offering guided rides or training camps in the area. Google isn't being overly helpful. Anyone got any ideas?



  • PapapetePapapete Posts: 133
    Someone else gets dragged out there then!!

    I also have in-laws in the same area and whilst I have never took the bike out, I did notice when I was last out there in October that a group meet up at Studz bar in Benimar / Benijofar on a Sunday morning (sure it was about 10am).

    I don't know anymore than that - maybe the in-laws could pop in for you one day to find out who they are. Also the bike shop in Quesada - Cyclogic I think there called, may also be able to offer some guidance.

    Hope this helps.

  • You should be down on those sun burnt knees thanking your in-laws,it is a cycling paradise out there.No need to search for training packages , just head down to Studzs Bar in Beniamar next to Benijofar.There are two groups leave from there on alternating days [fast and not so fast].I think the only day they dont go out is Monday.If you call into the bar the girls will verify.Rodger an ex vet from Yorkshire is the head honcho and he and the rest of the lads are really sound they have a welcome for everyone.One thing is certain you will not be bored you will know you have been in a scrap .Tell Rodger that Billy from Dublin sent ye and buy him a jar,

    El esfuerza es el alegria
  • craigentycraigenty Posts: 960
    Billieboy - do you have any contact details for these rides - I'm going to be in Los Montesinos for two weeks in February.
  • Craig,
    In Los Montesinos you have a choice of two very good groups.The group mentioned above is about 20mins north of you,I dont have a phone number but if you go to Studzs Bar in Benimar on the roundabout right next to Benijofar any of the bar staff will fill you in.The second group are about 20mins south of you,they meet on the canal bridge at Los Dolses just past Villamartin golf course.They meet at 11am in the winter on Tues,Fri and Sun.These are also a very good group with some very strong riders , a great mix of nationalities including German,Dutch,Belgian,Swiss,Brits,Irish,Danes and French.A few lads come over from Los Montesinos so you will someone to go home with.This group is called Veloclub Costa Blanca . I will be down there in the last week of Feb so if you are still there maybe we could have a spin.If you need any more info let me know
  • craigentycraigenty Posts: 960
    Fantastic - there's a chance I'll be there between the 15th and the 28th so definitely. You can email me your mobile number if you want and we can meet up for a ride. I'll check out the VC Costa Blanca - sounds like just what I'm looking for.
  • Thanks for the replies guys!

    The Cyclogical website has a list of local rides and contacts:

    I'll be there at the end of April and will be hoping to get on a few rides. I would also like to get out to the Sierra Espuna for a days riding. Looking forward to it!
  • Just got back from a great week on the Costa Blanca riding with the guys who meet at Studz Bar in Benijofar.
    I did 4 rides with them over a week. Basically turn up at Studz at 10am any morning and (if it's not raining) there will be a ride going out.

    1st ride last Tuesday it rained a little but we still headed out to Murcia and did a loop ride over the ridge to the south (Canadas de San Pedro?) 125km
    2nd ride - a flat but fast ride down to San Javier for coffee stop overlooking the bay - 100km
    3rd ride - another flat ride out to Elche and a loop round Alicante airport. Average speed on return was 35kmh but with long sections over 40kmh with sprints and jumps - ace! 95km
    4th ride - a loop around the lake to the north of san Miguel where I jumped on the back of the Polish Junior squad and rode with them for about 20km. 70km

    I've been going down there off and on for about 10 years to visit my mum and things have really changed. I saw many big groups out training and noticed how the roads have been improved in many places - especially the car-free canal roads which get you away from the coastal strip.

    Thanks for the info everyone.

    Ps - if anyone has a contact details for the guy Justin who rides from Torrevieja everyday that would be cool.
  • Thanks for the report Craig! What sort of pace were the rides overall? The other half is now threatening to bring her bike.
  • The flat rides were fast, especially the Saturday run which does have some training aspects thrown in - jumps, sprints etc The Saturday run I did had an average of 35km. The mid week flat ride was about 32kmh.
    There are also mixed and women's groups going out but you need to phone the guys at Cyclogical for more info on these.
  • See for details of our rides, days, distances etc. We meet at Studz bar, Benijofar, every morning except Mondays
  • I'll be there agin from 20th december - looking forward to some riding.
  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,480
    I rode out from Studz Bar in late June and they were VERY welcoming and friendly. Took in a ride to Alicante which was a flat but interesting ride, group of about 20 riders and a nice stop for a brew. Could've done with being in a pacier group or maybe on a lumpier route but I had a very enjoyable ride all the same, temp got to 40+ late on which was not too pleasant.
    I also had a nice ride around the lake north of San Miguel and a rather silly ride along the canals.
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