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Sorry I am sure there are other threads on new bikes.

I have signed up to do a couple of triathlons this year and need a new bike, now I was getting on OK with choosing but have now been asked to do the john o groats to lands end bike ride in June.

So need some help! I haven't had a bike or ridden for years and know that training needs to start asap.

So I am confused as to what to buy. I have a budget of up to £1,000 and dont mind if it is new or used but do want to buy right and more importantly quickly!

Alloy, Carbon, what brakes, what seat, what wheels???

What help can people offer?

Thanks in advance.


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    Triathalons and JOGLE are 2 entirely different prospects and requires 2 different bikes if you are to do each.

    For tri's a TT bike would be best but for JOGLE you need something comfy and reliable (e.g no fancy wheelsets).

    IMO you will struggle to get 1 bike to suit both needs.
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    As Smidsy says, you cannot really get one bike to satisfy the needs of both triathlon and JOGLE. I would recomend that if you are committed to both events and your funds only stretch to one bike then buy a bike suitable for JOGLE and then use this for triathlons and pop some clip-on tri bars on it.

    My 19 year old son did LEJOG last summer in 9 days on his Kuota Kharma which he uses very effectively in triathlons as he's capable of riding sub 24 min flat 10 mile TT courses with clip-on bars on it - mind you he will be moving to a dedicated tri bike this summer I think (he's got his eyes on my Felt B2 Pro & Zipps)

    Scott CR1 series may be a fair bet in my view for both events.
  • Look into bikes in the £500-700 range; both new and used. This applies to everyone but if you don't have good shorts for End to End, you really won't be happy! I've never done it myself, but I'd imagine wanting several sets of cyclewear; you will also need tools and other things.
  • Thanks everyone.

    OK so today I have visited a couple of specialist bike shops and both said to buy a bike for the jogle and then get some tri bars for the triathlon.

    one said to go for a bianchi and go for an alloy frame and the impluso at a cost of about £1,200. I have looked on line and can get last years model for under £1,000 and am not really that fussed about having the latest one out.

    The other shop said to get a specialized tarmac something and that was about £1,200. he said I wanted a bike with a carbon frame to take out some of the movement and that it would be more comfortable. This bloke goes to the tour de france and rides behind it and has 3 or 4 bikes himself and does racing etc and seems to be a bite of a biker....

    Now my budget isnt set and I appreciate I will have to buy clothing and helmet etc but both bikes are seeming decent enough to me.

    The one thing I am thinking about the carbon specialized is that it is carbon frame and maybe better? the other thing about bianchi is that the re sale value will be better and seems a better thought of make. am I wrong here?

    One bloke said that whatever bike I get they are both going to be abe to do what I need them to and it is then a matter of choice and personal preference.

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    matta75 wrote:
    One bloke said that whatever bike I get they are both going to be abe to do what I need them to and it is then a matter of choice and personal preference.
    He was right. The most important thing is the bike fits you. Ask to test ride the bikes, comfort is important. Also try and get a decent bike fit in with the price - it should be a few hours on a turbo training setting seat hight/position, changing stem length if required, positioning cleats etc. That will depend on the shop you buy from.

    Finally it's down to buying the bike you like the look of and makes you smile.