SI compression stem issue

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Hi all, in the process of setting up my new Cannondale Supersix, all straight forward up till now but having problems with the SI compression stem. I'm coming back into the sport after quite a few years, and was used to quill type stems.
No matter how I try to tighten( I do get the compression bolt to hold, then tighten up the black top cap as directed) I still get too much play between the fork and head tube. The headset top cap and spacers all stay loose. What am I doing wrong? Also can I remove a couple of spacers without having to cut the steerer tube?Any advice appreciated.



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    You need a gap between the top of the headset like this:


    Basically the top cap is there to compress the bearing and spacer stack so it can't touch the steerer tube.
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    You are leaving the stem bolts loose until AFTER you tighten the top cap?

    If your steerer is as pictured above remoing spacers will not be possible. You could move them from under the stem to above it though.

    If you want less spacers you need to cut the steerer to suit.
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  • Thanks guys, that sorted it, but in the process the allen key on top cap has eaten hex.....must have been quite soft, I know Ive been messing around with it a bit, but don't think it should have done that? Gonna be hard to get it off now. Wish I had stayed retired! :(
  • OK so I loosened the compression bolt part and lifted the whole thing back out so I could screw off the top cap which is knackered. Next question does any one know where would be the best place to get a spare. Its Cannondales own one. Trying to look on the bright side......least I know how it all works now. :?