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Hi all,

Brand new to the sport, bike arrives on Thursday, and ridiculously excited.

However, I want to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Therefore I was wondering what the bikeradar folk's suggestions were for the following?

1. Helmets?
2. Reflective, warm, lightweight jacket?
3. Lights?
4. Reflectors?

Thanks guys, and sorry for the basic questions!


  • smidsy
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    Helmet deffo.

    Lights, only if you ride in conditions that warrant them.

    Refelctive bits - only if your a commuter (in which case your in the wrong section of the forum) :-)
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  • rolf_f
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    There's loads of threads on all these so you are best off starting with the search function. When you've narrowed things down a bit, then you'll be able to get a bit more advice (eg is this jacket better than that jacket). Otherwise, if it's clothing and helmets - go to your local shops and try things on - what fits one person won't necessarily fit someone else.

    There's a vast range of stuff of all sorts of prices and purposes and without knowing what sort of riding you are doing, what sort of things you like the look of and what your budget is then all you are going to get is an overwhelming list of what everyone on here likes!

    @smidsy - if you actively don't want reflective bits then you'll limit your choices a lot. Loads of stuff comes with reflective markings. Of course, reflectives only work at night but they, along with lights, are hugely useful in built up areas whether you are commuting or just riding home. And of course whilst in theory you only need lights in conditions that warrant them, often it is difficult to predict if those conditions will arise. I ended up on a club ride in fog and only 3 people (inc me) in the group had rear lights (one pitiful) and only I had a front light - it was sunny when I left the house. Lights are really an essential investment for anyone who goes riding in winter or when the weather isn't completely predictably bright.
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  • smidsy
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    Yes Rolf I did put a smile after it!!!

    And yes as I said, lights when the conditions warrant it. The conditions you described warranted it. ;-)
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  • smoggysteve
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    If you want to go by current conditions, add water wings.
  • stueys
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    1. Helmets? Alway
    2. Reflective, warm, lightweight jacket? For dull days, ie autumn, winter
    3. Lights? For dull days, I tend to always use in winter but pretty much never in summer
    4. Reflectors? Nope
  • nawty
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    From my limited experience, having a nice bright flashing rear light is even a benefit during daytime - drivers definitely seem to give me more room when I've got the rear light on.
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  • desweller
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    If you're having lights it's worth having two at both ends; one fixed, one flashing. The flashing attracts the attention of other road users and the fixed light gives them somewhere to focus. As a bonus you have some redundancy if you lose a light on a pothole or something.

    You'll also want gloves - not just to keep your hands warm but to limit the likelihood of taking the skin off your palms in the event of a shunt.

    There's loads of stuff really. The single best thing you can do IMO is know how you're going to go about your riding. Most riders IME revert back to their 15-year-old selves on a bike, jumping red lights and ignoring priority at roundabouts etc. etc. Maintain your awareness and ride with caution where other road users are concerned; they're just people so they make mistakes.
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