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I'll probably have to apologise for the stupid questions!

Am I ok using the well padded wall hangers in my garage to hold my new carbon frame? It's on the top crossmember if it makes any diff?

They were holding an Alu MTB previously.

Will it put stresses in frame that shouldn't be there? Or am I panicking over nothing?



  • rolf_f
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    It's a bike - not an original copy of the Magna Carta. If you are scared to hang it on the wall what would possess you to pedal it anywhere? ;)
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    No problem with hanging it, BUT carbon has to live in the lounge not a garage, it's the law :D
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  • Lol. Cheers for the replies! Sure the missus might not agree!
  • team47b
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    Manguish wrote:
    Lol. Cheers for the replies! Sure the missus might agree to move into the garage!

    FTFY :D
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • Lol..... I see how it works now!
  • smidsy
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    Just explain that the insurance requires it to be kept inside the house to be eligible. 8)
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  • Mikey23
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    The hall next to the radiator is where Gladys seems to have taken up residence. Must tell missus that carbon needs to be kept at room temperature ...
  • pinarellokid
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    it does work.. they just frown and agree to it
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  • sancho_uk
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    Agreed with above...

    I went with the "Its better for insurance purposes to be kept in the house".

    It lives under the stairs quite nicely :) (although if you asked my wife she would probably tell you otherwise)
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    My Ribble lives in the conservatory on the worksuface ontop of the washing machine and tumble drier. The wife cant complain as her Planet X (also carbon) lives alongside it.

    Also in the conservatory are my Orbea (training bike), Felt SS (commuter bike), Marin (mountain bike) and her Specialised Allez (turbo trainer) as the shed is full of other bikes for the kids etc.