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bike for c2c

goldenboluxgoldenbolux Posts: 48
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hi all
i know this has probably been asked a thousand times before but i may as well ask it again
i am currently training on the roads since recently getting back on my bike so to say
i have a merida ride lite 91 and that seems to be doing me fine
a mate is planning on doing the c2c this summer and i am wanting to go with him
his plan was to do it on his hybrid bike
as i already have 2 mountain bikes i am just wondering what would be a good cheap option
i would really like to do this cheaply as possible and as best as possible travel at the same pace
i was thinking of one of the faster types of hybrid bikes
i havent investigated too much yet but from a quick scan a cheap option seems to be

b twin fitness 3

what other options would people suggest

every bit of help would be very very appreciated



  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,171
    If I was doing the c2c again I'd want a cx bike for it. Depending on which c2c as well but sustrans suggested Whitehaven to tynemouth route doesn't call for suspension.
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  • think his plan is whitehaven to sunderland as that is where he lives

    anything reasonably priced you can recommend
    my wife would kill me if i paid alot for another bike
  • i did it on a road bike, no problem. a few of the lads did it on mountain bikes, but we stuck to the road sections and we were probably faster than them overall.
  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    I'd use what you've got, if you aren't doing the off-road bits.
  • Think his idea was mainly to stick to the sustrans route
    I haven't looked in to it that much
    As I said I think he has a trek hybrid and maybe doing some of the offroad bits
    I was just concerned of the uphills on the rougher terrain on my merida
    I don't think he has the money to buy a road bike so we could both do it mainly on the roads

    What are the climbs like
    I have heard some are pretty bad but don't know what that is like in conparrison with what I do now
    I live on the c2c route in the Consett area so anywhere I go on my bike has lots of big Ups and downs but as I said I don't know how the compare with others along the route

    Thanks again for any help
  • i did it over two days. the end of the first, and the start of the second are the hardest hill wise. the climb up to hartside cafe being the last thing we tackles on the end of the 70 mile first day. They thinking the hills were over, the first couple of hours of the second day was a killer - much harder that what I had trained for - around consett!

    just the fact the hills are steep and long i actually got my rear gears changed and found it alot easier - i got something like a 12-28 cog on the back, where others just had 12-25. worth it i thought!

    on a road bike, i think there was only one area on the second day we had to go over rough terrain - but even the mountain bikers struggled so most walked it for say 1/4 mile. was harder in our road shoes.

    you will cope whichever bike you choose - but i think i would choose either road or Mtb, not a hybrid as your losing speed and/or the propoer mtb ability.
  • booldawgbooldawg Posts: 290
    I'd be tempted to ride it east from west if you want to do the off-road options. Most the off-roads seemed to be uphill doing it Whitehaven to Tynemouth. I wouldnt mind rolling down off the Old Coach Road towards Keswick in that direction!

    From memory the only one you'll miss out on is the fast switchback run through Whinlatter.
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