Cyclemeter iPhone App - Any good

jonbob78 Posts: 70
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A fairly new iPhone app out - Cyclemeter £2.99

I already have a Garmin Edge 500 and use Strava.

Anyone use it? Any good?


  • Bozman
    Bozman Posts: 2,518
    I've used it for 18 mths and it's yet to fail me, seems to log everything well and doesn't drain the battery, I generally use it as a back up to log my mileage, ascent and averages etc over dozens of routes.
    I prefer it to strada.
  • DrLex
    DrLex Posts: 2,142
    Experience similar to Bozman; used since September 2010 and it's been bomb-proof.
    Location: ciderspace
  • Excellent app. Don't let your battery get to less than about 20% or it will automatically turn off.
  • Clearly not a fairly new app then.
  • goffski
    goffski Posts: 72
    Great app, been using it for about 18 months too. Battery lasts a good few hours unless you have the screen on. I use it with the wahoo blue cadence and heart rate monitor. Records lots of stats and all of which can be exported out. Also links up to Facebook, twitter and email and can post during the ride for you (there was a note thread recently about live ride data/position).

    App also gets updated regularly so well worth the money.