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Cycling in Mallorca/Majorca

rarebreedrarebreed Posts: 2
edited August 2013 in Routes
Hi, I am thinking of cycling in Mallorca in late March for about 5- 7 days. I enjoy cycling but not a very fit, so tend to go for easy rides. Last year I cycled one week in Holland during tulip season. So I am looking for a similar ride in Mallorca. I learned that central, south or east part of the country provide easy rides.
Any advice on possible scenic routes please?
I am thinking of renting a bike close to airport and cycle from hotel to hotel. Just carry couple of change of cloths with me in a rucksack on my back. That is what I did in Holland.
Your views please? Am I just bit crazy?


  • Ever thought of Andalucia in Spain. March is an ideal time for cycling in Andalucia, you could do a tour of the white villages in our area.

  • lg18lg18 Posts: 92
    All of that area of Mallorca is very scenic and easy cycling (unlike the N which is brutally tough!) - just explore the little roads and villages and coast to your heart's content. The motorists are v used to cyclists, too, as it's v v popular there.
  • Hi Rarebreed,
    Majorca is a beautiful place, i like the scenic beauty of the place. You can prefer the roads of the village. It will be very adventurous trip.
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