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Hello all,

I was watching the Sky 'Road to Glory' on TV tonight. It showed them getting ready for the tour of Norway, and they were all wearing string vests under there jerseys.

Why were they all wearing string vests? Extra warmth? Wicking?


  • Dess1e
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    Wicking and minor crash protection (jersey will slide along vest before skin)
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    Thanks. Would they normally wear them at most of the races? I hadn't spotted it before.
  • Most teams wear them in one form or another during the hotter months. I've got a couple and they do the job.
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    Think they could be Merino vests, they definitely will be now with the Rapha gear they've switched to.
  • Camus wrote:
    Think they could be Merino vests, they definitely will be now with the Rapha gear they've switched to.

    Sky are using modified Rapha Pro Team kit. They might use the odd merino base layer in the colder months but Rapha do a PT sleeveless and short sleeve vest for hot weather.
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    They're called 'mesh' baselayers, Castelli make a good one, so do Craft ... base-layer
  • The Craft ones are great - but size down. Prendas were practically giving them away last summer.
  • I've got the craft ones & use them in the summer and have to say they do help with wicking the sweat away pretty well.
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    The Craft ones are great - but size down. Prendas were practically giving them away last summer.

    Indeed, I bought a couple for £30. In hindsight, would of preferred the sleeveless version. Something else to add to 'the list'......
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    I have a Campagnolo one - works well in summer to keep you cool, but also really useful under a winter base layer as it traps another layer of air without it getting clammy.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    My wife loves the Rab C Nesbitt effect :) Do you think this is this Craft or Castelli?

    178822_1 by foggymike1, on Flickr
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    Neither, it's Glasgae.
  • I have a Craft one & a Castelli one. Both are quality bits of kit, however the Castelli one can snag easily when removing it. Not a good idea to ask the wife to remove it either, her nails will rip it to shreds!

    Also, if wearing a string vest on a bike, it is not compulsory to have a few tins of Stella in the bottle cages, but the choice is there!
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    I've got a couple of the Craft 'string vest' base layers, they're really good in the summer, allowing air to circulate under your jersey. I think mine were about £24 for two, on offer from

    As mentioned, a can of Stella and some egg yolk down the front of your wifebeater is optional.
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    Most kit provider do them. The main feature is that they hold the next layer away from the skin, thereby keeping the skin dry and not clammy.
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    craft cool mesh sleeveless = dogs nuts.

    Take your normal size unless you are a skinny thing.
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    You can also get bibs where the top half is mesh/string vesty - I've a pair of Hincapie bibs like this which are good on hot days.
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    Darn it! I just took my proper big-hole string vests to the charity shop a couple of years ago at my wife's insistence. I knew if I held on to them long enough they would come back into fashion.
    She binned my collection of nylon paisley -patterned y-fronts as well . They would be worth a fortune by now.
    Anyone want to make me an offer on a couple of genuine 1970's jock-straps?
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    So in my constant quest to stop spending money on cycling, I bought the craft sleeveless vest from wiggle after reading this post. I chose the XL and the L and as usual I fall between the sizes. I can't tell that I have the XL on and the fit is fairly good but a tiny bit lose on my front. The L fits more snugly but is less comfortable as I can feel that I'm wearing it and is pretty tight/stretched against my back when leaning forward.

    Does anyone have any advice on which I should send back?