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I've just bought a spare set of campag splined wheels for my Bianchi to use on my new Turbo and for having a lower geared cassette for the big hills when I do LeJog in April. I've never fitted a cassette before so after some advice. I've found the cassette I want but do I need a locking ring ( seen them on Ebay, etc ) and will I need any special tools or is it a case of just using a standard socket/spanner to fasten it onto the cassette?
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    The lockring comes with the cassette and for the removal you need a cassette tool (plus a big wrench to work it) and a chain whip to stop the cassette spinning. You just need the socket for putting the cassette back on.

    It can take a fair bit of leverage. Note - the cassette tools are prone to damage if the lockring is reluctant to undo. Ideally, best to get a decent quality one - but not the oft recommended Park Tools ones. They are actually worse than the cheap ones; terrible quality, poor design, over priced.

    You may also need to make a small adjustment to the rear derailleur and to fit a slightly longer chain - but that depends......
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