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Shimano RS10s

kingofthetailwindkingofthetailwind Posts: 575
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There's an unused pair of these on Gumtree at the minute. They are being sold with Vittoria Rubino tyres for £90.00.

Does that seem a fair price?

Would the wheels/tyres be much of an improvement from the standard "B'Twin Sport" on my Triban 3?

The tyres on the Triban are terryfying in the wet. And I think I've noticed a good amount of flex in the front wheel.


  • No, they will be just another set of crappy wheels, I am afraid... the price also is unrealistic, you can almost buy them new with tyres for 90 pounds
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  • Mr DogMr Dog Posts: 643
    Have a pair as winter wheels. The hubs are easy to service and the rims are ok. My advice would be to save your cash as the difference would so slight you'd hardly notice. The tyres on the rs10's are of little improvement too. Get a decent set of winter tyres instead.
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  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    RS10s came supplied with my new road bike, bought in the summer. I was really happy with them until the weekend, when I checked the rims and realised that they were almost worn out after 5,000 km. This might have more to do with the fact that I was using stock brake pads that were probably too hard, not to mention last year's weather, than with the quality of the rims, but I won't be buying another set to find out.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    You can get the wheels for £95 at Ribble at the mo but if the tyres and tubes are also brand new they might cost you another £35...

    Whether they would be a noticeable upgrade to you is another matter. Mine have stayed true over 5 years and the hubs are fairly well sealed and easy to service, but they are a low spoke count and even I can get them to flex if I really stomp on the pedals.

    I'd spend the money on a pair of Conti 4 Seasons for your current wheels
  • Cheers for the replies. I'll stick with the wheels and go for 4 Seasons or similar.
  • goffskigoffski Posts: 72
    A couple of issues after Cycling Active reviewed the Triban 3 they did an article on upgrading the bike and i'm sure in their budget upgrade option the added the RS10 but could well have been the RS20's?
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