What are the best bike shops in London?

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And please don't say Evans or Cyclesurgery. I'm looking for decent bike shops that are not shy to display their components. Sigma in Kingston is good, but im heading slightly more central.



  • sungod
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    'best' is very much in the eye of the punter, some shops attract great disagreement!

    so without getting into whether any of these are best or not, if you simply want to ogle rarer frames somewhere central, try places like mosquito, condor, bespoke cycling, etc.
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  • smidsy
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    There is a place just down from London Bridge tube (towards Tower Bridge) but can't remember the name. Quite a lot of stock over 2 floors.
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  • Dess1e
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    Obvious shop for central London is Condors in Greys Inn Road. There are plenty of other decent independent shops around though.