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New to road cycling and was wondering do people just put bike on household insurance to cover theft or buy a more extensive cover which includes public liability etc


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    I found this really helpful:

    I'm going to take out insurance this week with ETA. They cover stolen parts as well and they seem to be the most comprehensive.
  • depends what cover you are after, most home insurance is OK if not basic in the cover they offer (lots of terms re security).

    Are some pretty good stand alone covers out there with options for racing, taking abroad - just take a look in any bike magazine and you'll find some ads or google it.
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    E&L insurance are very good.
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    kayo74 wrote:
    E&L insurance are very good.

    +1 for this. Took mine out the other day. 20% discount online as well.
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    Generally when this topic has been covered before the consensus is home insurance, especially Marks and Spensers or National Farmers Uniion (NFU). Personally mine are added to to my Churchill home policy.

    You might also want to consider joining a club or British Cycling who give you 3rd party liability cover should you cause an accident. Search this forum as there are Transport for London discount codes that will give money off BC membership.
  • ^^^


    Posted a few times before on this, search is good to use but briefly, I use NFU
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    M&S were the market leaders in that you could add numerous unnamed bikes up to £4000 on your policy I believe for only a few quid more than your average household policy (should have read the small print) but have changed their terms and conditions to new policyholders.

    Fortunately got my stock all covered as an existing policyholder.
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    Which ever you go for make sure you read the small print of ALL the requirements of the policy, including any security devices :!:

    I've just had a quote with EandL and was happy with the price, until I read the small print. Mine are kept in a detached garage to the side of my home and the door and window locks would not meet the policy requirements! They state the bike has to be kept inside the house overnight.

    I'm sure there are loads of people who pay for specific cycle insurance, are not complying with the policy requirements, and wasting their money!
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    A quick Google of E&L means I wouldn't touch them with your barge pole.

    I always feel that if insurance is worth getting, it's worth getting decent insurance. A crap policy is worth next to nothing.
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    BC Bike Insurance. Only way to go.
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  • Been looking for bike insurance myself but cant find one that would allow me to have one bike at the house and the other in the basement of my shop. The shop has shutters, 5 lever mortice locks exterior and interior with no windows that open. Apparently the bike in the shop has to be attached to something solid and secure.

    The shop has no windows that open and the windows that are there are covered with a rollerblind then a metal shutter on the outside. We have a buzzer and customers are allow access to the upper floor only with a memeber of staff in attendance at all times.

    I contacted E&L and asked for further clarification and was informed that they would contact the underwriters, no phone call back after 5 days so not a good start. They also insist that the bikes would need approved locks, I purposley dont buy locks because the bikes are either in these two locations or being riden. If the bikes arent left anywhere then the cant be stolen.

    If you read the terms and conditions of most of the insurance there really is to many limitations, if your bike is stolen expecting you to produce a receipt for a lock, cant store the bike here or there between this time and that time. Thats before depreciation and the excess is taken into account.