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Rehabing a tibial plateau fracture with a turbo trainer

clairspencerclairspencer Posts: 4
edited January 2013 in Health, fitness & training
I fractured my tibial plateau back in August while mtbing. I have a considerable amount of metal work in my leg, which has to come out Easter time :( I've bought a turbo trainer to try and aid my rehab but am really just making up what I do as I go along :) Things are going OK but I want to keep it interesting but not overdo it as I am still attending physio twice a week and need to keep some energy for that! Not sure about the commercial programmes that are out there as they all seem to be aimed to the fit and healthy, lol. Anyone been in a similar position or can offer any advice about what I could be doing on the trainer???
All advice/comments welcome :D


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Generally turbo sessions are geared around short intensity, to combat the boredom and maximise the benefit. As you've said that's not really going to work for you! I'd keep doing what you're doing for now, you're just looking to build back up gradually, getting your legs moving is going to help. Up the intensity as and when you feel you can.
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