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London to Paris Bike Hire?

enzo berzotenzo berzot Posts: 96
edited February 2013 in Tour & expedition
Hello All,
I'm cycling from London to Paris in July to coincide with the end of the Tour, then hopefully having a few days holiday in France. The problem is - my bike. My current solution is to post a bike bag to our holiday accomodation then bring the bike back on the plane. However, I wondered if anyone knows of a scheme to hire a bike in London and then drop it off in Paris, like a hire car? It's a long shot...


  • There are companies that hire bikes for events like L2P, however many (I think all) require a minimum number of bikes, just because the bike wouldn't be left in Paris, but taken back to the UK in a van. We have used such companies for some of our events but generally proved unreliable and not worth the hassle.

    Speaking personally, I have flown with my bike before now and it was nowhere near as painful an experience as I thought it would be. I would opt for the posting option purely as it's going to cost less, be more reliable, and at the end of the day you'll be riding YOUR bike; rather than one that could be completely wrong for you.


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  • Thanks Jamie,
    It was a bit of a long shot... but there you go.
    I guess I'll go with plan A - posting the bag, and as you say at least I'll be on my own bike,
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