London Bike Show

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There has been quite a lot of discussion around Bike Leasing Company on a forum running on this site:

I've been responding to posts on the forum, but sometimes it's just better to do these things face to face.

I'll be at the London Bike Show on the Surf Sales stand on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. They distribute Transition Bikes. They should be on stand number LB945.

If you'd like to come along to ask questions then please feel free to pay a visit and I'll be more than happy to chat with you.

Look out for a fella walking around with a t-shirt like the one on the attachment:

It would be lovely to meet you face to face.

Best regards



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    blatant plug, is this allowed mods?
  • Hello Giant Man,

    There is no intention to have this post as a "plug". After all there is a story already running on the news page about us: and there is an active forum topic running about us, therefore, we have no need to "plug".

    It was apparent from the forum that is running that several conclusions were being drawn about the business that were somewhat inaccurate.

    We have been attempting to address this.

    There have been well over a 1000 views of this forum topic but only 40 posts.

    It occrured to me that there will be a number of people who do not like to ask their questions on forums and would prefer to do it face to face. Several of these people are probably going to be attending the Cycle Show in London.

    I am letting these people know that they have the opportunity to ask their questions directly to me at the Cycle Show.

    I'm more than happy for the mods to remove the post if they deem fit.

    Best regards