Which bike?

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Hi, I aim looking for a quick bit of advice I am stuck between 2 bikes at the moment and am buying my first road bikes but buying second hand. I have a good friend who races who has been giving me sound advice but I know he's a boardman fan so his opinions can be a little biased. The 2 bikes I have to choose from are the.
Ridley Eos 2011 with tiagra gear set (but am getting this delivered from Scotland)
Or the Boardman comp which suspiciously has had the left shifter changed but has SRAM gear set

These are both around the same price but the boardman is within 30 miles from my house to could pick it up.
Which would you recommend?


  • I would recommend the boardman, purely based on the fact that you could test ride it and get a feel for the bike and whether it is right for you.
    The ridley could be a bit of a risk as you aren't testing it out to see if it's the right bike for you before buying it.
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  • I risked the ridley and after many months of riding I can say it was worth the risk