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I've just put two posts in the stolen bike forum, hopefully you won't consider them spam as the service has helped many people recover there bikes.

Heres the post
If your bikes just been stolen it is well worth keeping an eye on eBay, Gumtree and PreLoved. Many stolen bikes eventually end up being sold this way sometimes months after the crime.

This is where Find That Bike comes in. It lets you setup an email alert to all 3 at once, in addition you can keep an eye on local sales in a handy gallery.

It covers the whole of the UK and there's no charge for it.

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The threads can be found here and here.

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    Can I also suggest you take a look at the sticky "Bike Revolution" as the service has changed it's name to "Bike Shepherd" and I don't believe they do the below anymore which means people are reporting their stolen bike thinking that they search classified sites for them which doesn't appear to happen.
    We scan well known sites that sell secondhand bikes everyday to try and find it for you and send you the matches, automatically.
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