Giant TCR Composite - Opinions?

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Having taken to road cycling last year, i now want to upgrade from my aluminium framed, sora equipped bike to something carbon with 105.

I've got my eye on the Giant TCR Composite 3. Was wondering does anyone have any experience of or own one of these, and if so, what do you think of it.

They seem very reasonably priced, obviously Giant have saved cost in various areas, but particularly in using their own brand wheels, does anyone know anything about these?



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    This is a higher-specced version of that - viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=12899124

    Great bike. Really smooth ride, nice and stiff and it looks awesome!

    No problems with own-brand wheels or tyres. They are a little on the heavy side but ride nicely!

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    Thanks, that's just what i wanted to hear!
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    Got a 2012 model and love it, bit more compact than the defy, so that depends what position you like and perhaps how aggresive you are? However I haven't noticed the difference in comfort in rides from the times I have borrowed a friends defy 2 for x reasons
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