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I am totally new to cycling, so I have borrowed my friend's bike - Cannondale Caad 5 -- Shimano 105 group -- 10 gears... looks fairly old...

I have adjusted saddle height, lubricated the bike, etc... but for some reason I don't think I am fast enough on a flat london roads... others on road bike goes zoom past me and within seconds they are out of my sight ... furthermore, those riding hybrids and mountain bike seems faster than me ...

not sure is it because I have just started riding... or is it the bike... or what?

Any advice will be appreciated?

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    well if your new then thats the reason,it takes a while to build up your fitness for cycling.Best advice,ride ride ride.
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    Nothing wrong with a CAAD 5, have you tried pedalling harder?
  • It's not the bike; it almost never is. Fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance all take time to develop. Don't blame the tools but don't blame yourself either; you can't expect to transform overnight.
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    ^^ this

    You're completely new to it and have lots to learn yet, and lots of muscles to develop. Compare yourself after a few weeks of regular riding and you'll be going faster without it seeming any harder. Keep riding, the body will adjust and adapt :)
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  • Guys... thanks a lot for your prompt response!! I'll definitely keep riding and hopefully will get better with time...

    @ShutUpLegs - at the moment I am pedalling at nominal speed... if I pedal at higher speed I may exhaust quickly... but I'll keep working towards it...Thanks!

    Just hoping for this weather to get warmer soon :)

    Thank You!!
  • That's a lovely bike by the way :-)
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    Bloody hell, that looks enormous! How tall are you??
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    It doubles as a farm gate when he's not riding
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    Definitely not the bike
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    It'll be your fitness, but if you put the miles in you will soon notice an increase in pace.
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  • thanks guys!!

    the picture i posted is not of my bike... mine in 56 frame size... and saddle height adjusted according to 109% height is 175 cm

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    thanks guys!!

    the picture i posted is not of my bike... mine in 56 frame size... and saddle height adjusted according to 109% height is 175 cm

    Check your seat height with heel on pedal method as well, i always found the 109 % method was a good 1 cm to low for me ,i found the seat height from Bottom bracket of inside leg x.889 more comfy for me which came within 1 mm of the heel on pedal method .
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  • What tyre pressure are you running?
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    If you haven't got a sports background then it'll be down to both fitness plus adaption to cycling - you need to increase both the strength in key muscles as well as develop the synapses to make they fire in the right order. The simple answer is ride more as there's no better way.
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