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Specialized Tarmac sl4 vs Venge vs Guru Evolo-r

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I am in the market for a new road bike. I ride on average 5,000 to 8,000 km per year. Most of riding is geared towards ironman training, I typically do the full distance every 2nd year. However I still use a road bike 75% of the time as I do a lot of group riding and frankly enjoy my road bike much more than a tri bike. I am not interested in a Colnago (my tri bike is a Colnago Flight) or a Cervelo (current road bike is a 10 yr old aluminum frame cervelo) I like them both but want to try something else

I have a budget around $5k (excluding upgraded wheelset). I am leaning towards the Tarmac Expert build with Ui2 but also intrigued with the Guru Evolo-r. Both are similar in overall price with similar quality components. I only added the Venge to the list as I have seen some large discounts on 2012 venge's still around with several retailers. I would appreciate your thoughts on these choices


  • I have an SL4 Sworks and love it to bits. The Venge is very nice too, but the SL4 is the ultimate all round race bike that Spesh make. The Venge gives up some of those characteristics to supposedly give you a little extra aero at high speeds. I'm not convinced.

    Don't know anything about the Guru.

    If you wanted to just do tris, I would say Venge. But if you also ride alot of 'normal' rides, I would say SL4.
  • Thank you. The SL4 is on the top of my list and you confirmed what I was thinking. I live in a moderately hilly area with a lot of big rolling hills, some sharper climbing and flats - a real mix. Plus I always do a week long pure road cycling camp every year with a lot of steep climbing and long descents. I think the SL4 is a better all around choice for me

    The Guru is Canadian made custom bikes built in Montreal. They have had a lot of success in the last 3-5 years and now make stock frames. They make a great bike and you get to build it yourself with component choices and even paint color, which is fun but doesn't last long.
  • I also do the odd tri, and I just throw on some aero bars. I would say a good aero position with well set up bars is worth far more than the Venge's frame would give you.
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