Winter mtb riding, what benefits for road riding ?

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I have been out a fair bit over the Winter on the mtb, every Tuesday/Thursday for a night ride and at least once at the weekend, but to be honest feel no fitter, although I obviously must be. So my question is, what benefit will all this mtb riding do for road cycling come Spring ??


  • I do quite a bit on the MTB in the winter and find that the short sharp repeated climbs help with my power, similar to doing intervals on the road bike. But I don't feel any benefit to my endurance is this what you mean by fitter?
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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    MTB in winter is good for the short hard efforts needed for road racing attacking short climbs so you will definitely be keeping your mid to top end at a level where you only need to taper up around 10-15% come race season but you should still get a 3-4hr junk mile road ride in once a week with a completed ride of a steady 17-18 mph average.
    Works every season for me as i'd rather be mountain biking than road in winter as you can just hit the trails and forget about traffic.
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    Skip the road riding and just ride MTB. Simple.

    After all road riding is for homos.
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    Liking the replies, particularly the last one :lol:

    I don't race, I only took up road riding in August, couple of months then the weather went pear shaped, so I haven't done a single mile on the road since September.

    There are a few sportives I want to do next year, but as I say, I have never done much road riding so was hoping the mtbing will be a help, who knows :?

    Just can't face going out in this weather on the road, to dodgy me thinks, just hoping all the off road stuff will help my lack of road miles.